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Hashomer HaTzair Haggadah, 1943

 Haggadah from the Kibbutz Haartzi Hashomer HaTzair, from the year 1943

The first Haggadah produced by the Hashomer HaTzair for all the kibbutzes of the movement. The Haggadah refers to the Holocaust, the war, and the Hebrew settlement’s struggle against the British. The Haggadah reflects the destruction and the loss of the parents’ home, and the need to hold on to the only home left. Current events of the world and of Eretz-Israel, as well as the story of the exodus from Egypt, are all employed in the Haggadah in favor of the movement’s ideology regarding the battle of the classes, liberation from slavery, and the values of pioneering (“chalutzim”). “There is hope still that Israel will return from the house of slavery and attain resurrection in the Spring of Nations.” Written and edited by Mordechai Amitai, decorated by the painter Ruth Shlos.