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Pashkevil Collection

 The Announcements, Posters and Pashkavils Collection

Pashkevils – wall posters – are a key form of communication in Haredi society and are used to convey a wide range of messages. The collection of pashkevils from the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem includes items dating back to the nineteenth century, but well into the twenty-first century, this tool is continuing to develop and maintain its dynamic character. The collection offers a unique and comprehensive view of Haredi society in the pre-state period and since independence, providing insight into a world that remains largely hidden from the Israeli general public.
The messages conveyed in the pashkevils are highly sophisticated, drawing on the internal codes of Haredi society and colored by allusions to the rich world of associations of traditional Jewish literature. The pashkevils address issues that have been a source of constant concern for Haredi society in the Land of Israel for three centuries, above all – how to maintain its distinct tradition, values, and education system. The collection also highlights the changes that have occurred in this struggle due to the challenges posed by technological process, transitions within Haredi society itself, and developments in surrounding Israeli society and culture.