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Shemita Debate of 5670 (1910)

In 5665 (1905) immigrated to Israel, Rabbi Yaakov David know as "Ridbaz" and was appointed rabbi of Safed. The "Ridbaz" was committed to the commandment for Semita at full, without any pressed permits. Already in 5664 (1909) he turned to Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, who was the rabbi of Jaffa, with a proposal to go to Baron Rothschild and convince him to support the farmers on the seventh year. Rav Kook said that first its needed to arrange for sale permit for those interested and then try to help those who want to rest the land completely. The "Ridbaz" did not accept the explanation of Rabbi Kook. Rav Kooks letters preserved some exchanges of notes between them. The Halakhic debate spilled in to a personal debate and rivalry between the Old Yishuv and the New settlement population.