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    ​​​​ KetubotKetubot

    Includes over 4200 ketubot from collections all over the world, including the National Library's collection. This vast and rich collection of ketubot onto one site allows for a wide, comprehensive and in depth look at the ketubah as a Jewish document, a Jewish creation and a vital historical source.



    Historical Jewish PressHistorical Jewish Press

    A collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods.







    A special website with a variety of daily press for you to read at the library building.




Eran Laor Cartographic CollectionEran Laor Cartographic Collection

The Eran Laor Cartographic Collection is a physical and virtual collection of maps. The heart of the collection comprises ancient maps, atlases and travel books to the Holy Land and as such, it is the largest of its kind in the world.





Time TravelTime Travel

"Time Travel" project collects and scans Israeli ephemera and makes them accessible to the public.







The Center for Jewish ArtThe Center for Jewish Art

The Center's archives and collections constitute the largest and most comprehensive body of information on Jewish art in existence, with approximately 180,000 pictures, sketches and documents.Thus far, some 72,000 items have been digitized.





Israeli Internet ArchiveIsraeli Internet Archive

The Israeli Internet Archive is intended to preserve online publications published on Israeli websites for coming generations, just as books and other printed material are preserved.






The Israel Press CouncilThe Israel Press Council

The archive of the Press Council contains physical and digital records of complaints that have been processed. The entire archive has been digitized and indexed in order to make it accessible to the public in a convenient format.





By means of this collection of photographic images, you can pay a visit to Jerusalem in the 19th century, Tel Aviv as it emerged over 100 years ago, the agricultural settlements of Palestine and the newly established State of Israel.   






The Ze'ev (Wilhelm) Aleksandrowicz Collection encompasses some 16,000 photographs, most of which were taken in the early 1930s.  






Abraham Schwadron Collection Abraham Schwadron Collection

The Schwadron autograph and portrait collection, numbering some 40,000 items, is the largest collection of manuscripts and portraits of Jewish personalities in the world.







Come and meet Rudi Weissenstein's PhotoHouse: 45 years of photographing the Land and State of Israel. The collection contains the work of a photographer who traveled the breadth and width of the land and documented its development – from the momentous to everyday life.






The House of Hebrew Songs The House of Hebrew Songs

The House of Hebrew Songs Project presents Hebrew Songs, old and new, notes, information about the songs and more.







The Music Collection and Sound ArchiveThe Music Collection and Sound Archive

The music collection and sound archive contain printed material, books, music, periodicals as well as manuscripts, in addition to a rich collection of recordings of Jewish music and Israeli music. .






Digitized Book RepositoryDigitized Book Repository

Hundreds of scanned books are accessible through The Digitized Book Repository of the National Library of Israel. Every week more scanned books are added. The initial selection of titles ranges from 15th century incunabula to early 20th century works. The first stage of this project is to digitize rare and out-of-print monographs from its collection. 





Newton ManuscriptsNewton M​anuscripts

Among the many manuscripts preserved at the National Library are works by the man considered to be the greatest physicist of all time, Sir Isaac Newton. Contrary to what one might expect to find amid Newton’s works, these papers cover topics such as interpretations of the Bible, theology, the history of ancient cultures, the Tabernacle and Temple, calculations dealing with the end of time, historical documents, and even alchemy.  





KtivKtiv – International Collection of Digitzed Hebrew Mauscript