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​​1921 – Born in Vienna, Austria.

1939 – Immigrated to Eretz Israel.

1939-1942 – Studied at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem; her teachers included Joseph Budko, Mordechai Ardon, Yerachmiel Schechter, Reuven Dayan and Jacob Löw. Graduated summa cum laude.
1942 – Began to work as a self-employed graphic designer: designed hundreds of dust jackets, magazines and other publications in Israel; did work in stone, wood and metal.

1943-1944 – Studied sculpting with artist Ellen Colmar-Bernkopf.
1947 – Married writer Yehuda Yaari (in the years 1947-1957, she signed her works Elly Yaari).

1948 – Studied sculpting and silkscreen, New York.
1949 – Contributed to the final design of the emblem of Jerusalem.

1952 – Designed the logo of the Dagon Granary.

1957 – Mounted a solo exhibition of sketches and sculpture, Stockholm, Sweden.
1960 – Studied painting with the artist Jacob Wexler; began teaching graphic design and calligraphy in the art department of the WIZO-France High School, Tel Aviv.
1964 – Her design for the emblem of local council Kiryat Ono (today a city) was selected. In the context of this project, Elly Gross also designed all the local council’s official signs.

1965 – Mounted a solo exhibition in Gallery 303 in New York, the first solo exhibition by an Israeli graphic designer outside Israel. In addition to this exhibition, select works of her students were also exhibited. This exhibition toured the world, and won great acclaim in Japan, among other places.

1969 – Her works were presented in the context of an exhibition by the Society of Graphic Designers in Israel, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

1981 – Retired from teaching.

1982-1989 – Representative of the Society of Artists and Sculptors on the
committee to select new stamps of the Israel Philatelic Society.

1996 – Won a special honorary award from the Society of Graphic Designers in Israel.