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Special Collections Reading Room

This reading room is also known as the archive and manuscript room. In addition to reading archive material and photographs of manuscripts, in the room it is possible to study the original manuscripts preserved in the library, as well as rare printed books. You must receive special authorization​ for this. ​



Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts​

A collection of microfilmed Hebrew manuscripts from a wide range of libraries and private collections throughout the world. This collection is mainly preserved in the form of microfilm which can be ordered in the Special Collections Room. 

There is no need for special authorization or advanced booking to view them; simply go to the room and you will receive the microfilms within a short time. 

Please note, many manuscripts have already been scanned. Some of them can only be viewed inside the library building, and some anywhere in the world. You can search for manuscripts on the new “Ktiv” website

In addition, you can scan or order a scan of manuscripts according to the Scanning Procedure

Materials from the Archive Collection​ can also be used in the room. 

Additional authorization is required in order to view archival items. To receive authorization, please refer to the service desk in the room. 



Viewing Rare Items

Viewing rare items requires additional authorization. Please contact the loan department to receive authorization. 

In order to maintain the temperature and humidity conditions required for taking care of such important and precious treasures, a special reading room was built for the viewing or rare materials. 

Due to the importance of the items brought here, the Special Collections reading room is equipped with security cameras. Readers are asked to comply with the instructions for review of manuscripts, rare books and archive material​. ​



Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm.

Rare books are available to read from 9am - 3:45 pm, but must be collected by 3 pm.

Other Library services will be provided until 15 minutes before closing time.

The room is closed on Fridays.

The room is on floor -1 (the floor of the cafeteria).

Telephone numbers for questions and inquiries: 074-7336266, 074-7336480.

For information about reviewing photocopies of manuscripts:

For information about looking in the archives:

Responsible for the room: Service Coordinator of special collections Alexander Gordin​