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Reuven and Dafna Kaminer Archive

  The Reuven and Dafna Kaminer Archive of the History of the Radical Left in Israel From the Six-Day War to the end of the Eighties

Reuven and Dafna Kaminer occupied central roles in different movements of the radical left in Israel. The archive material has its source in many of the different groups on the Israeli radical left, with various positions regarding Zionism. Some of the organizations were active for short periods and others are active to this day. Some examples from collection: : Matzpen; The Black Panthers; Si’ach (New Israeli Left); Shasi (Israeli Socialist Left); Moked;  Sheli (Peace for Israel); ; Dai La’kibush (End the Occupation); Women in Black, Women for Peace and others. 
Over the years, Dafna and Reuven Kaminer have collected a vast amount of activist materials which appeared in various settings: political movements, organizations, public committees, student councils – high school and university – as well as materials linked to sporadic protest activities.

The archive includes materials from over sixty movements and organizations, mostly from the period spanning the years between the Six-Day War and the Eighties (1968-1990). The collection includes announcements, periodicals, protocols, petitions published in newspapers, invitations to events and protests, internal records, posters and rare journals.

The Library’s collections hold additional materials pertaining to Left organizations, some dating back even further, such as Communist organizations in Eretz-Israel in the 1930’s and 40’s, as well as the personal archives of Nathan Yalin-Mor and Akiva Ernst who were active in these movements.

The archive deals with issues that were of primary importance in Israel in the 1960’s and 70’s, some of which are still relevant today: Communism and Trotskyism in Israel, the struggle against the settlements, refusal to serve in the IDF, feminism, and more. Naturally, the archive references the main events of the State: the Yom Kippur War, The First Lebanon War, the first Intifada, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the first Gulf War, and several election campaigns.
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