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Personal Archives

 Personal archives in the National Library Archives Department

The following list contains some 400 personal archives vast majority of Jews who were active and influential in a variety of spheres: Zionist leaders, rabbis, scientists, philosophers, writers and poets, journalists, critics and others. It should also be noted that the Library also holds Institutional archives including the "Yeda Am" archive, archives of communities and more.

the archives are of different sizes: from bundle of documents and letters to dozens of meters of  overflowing archive boxes. Some archives the collecting  of original and secondary material continues, and some (such as Martin Buber Archives, SY Agnon, Else Lasker - Schüler) a book collection is also attached

Most the archives there are inventory lists, but since they reached the library archives at various times and were arranged at various times, there is no uniformity in their preparation. Some archives still do not have inventory lists at all. Today we are in the process of converting existing lists to digital media on the Aleph program adapted to the needs archive registration, ie a reference to hierarchy and context.
the Aleph program allows them greater access to content the archives, and evidenced by the growing use of the material by researchers, students and readers from Israel and abroad.


The list of archives names with a brief description of their contents detailed listing soon will link emerging in the Aleph program. This move certainly will increase the awareness of this unique material for the library.