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The Historical Society of Israel

​In late 1924, the Palestine Historical and Ethnographical Society was established by a group of Israeli historians. The Society published an annual journal named Zion, which in 1936 became a quarterly by the same name. The Society also initiated the publication of two book projects, ‘Palestina Judaica’ and ‘The Historiographical Library’. On 1944 the Society acquired The Jewish Historical General Archives (Later renamed The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People), which was established by Josef Meisl. On 1969 the Archives became separate entity, and departed from  the Society. On 1950 the Society was renamed The Historical Society of Israel, and its public activities were extended to include annual convetions and continuing education for teachers.
The collection includes Society protocols (since the first meeting on December 18, 1924), correspondence with members and institutions, matters of the ethnographic section of the Society, editorial staff of the journal Zion and other Society publications, matters of The Jewish Historical General Archives and matters concerning the annual conventions.
Most of the material is in Hebrew. Some material in English, Yiddish, German, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish etc. can be found in the correspondence.