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​Original material

Files containing general information on Hungarian Jewry and on various communities, such as Budapest, Hajdúnánás, Miskolcz, Sopron and Szeged (19th-20th centuries), containing decrees and instructions for Hungarian Jews, announcements, printed material etc. (in Ger-man, Hungarian and Yiddish-Deutsch).
Microfilms and photocopies
Records from the State Archives in Budapest on a variety of subjects, such as conscription lists of Jews; documents from the Jewish department of the Hungarian Statthalterei (18th-19th century); documents concerning Jews from the Ministries of the Interior, Religion and Education (mid 19th century), from the Hungarian Chancellery in Vienna (1770-1848), the municipal archives of Budapest etc.; a marriage register from Miskolc (1895-1924).
A list of documents from the archives of the Jewish community of Budapest (18th-19th centuries); registers of documents concerning Jews from the States Archives and the Municipal Archives of Budapest.