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​Original material

Assorted letters and statistical data from censuses taken in the USSR in 1941, 1943 and 1949/50 on schools, universities, nationalities and religions; statistical data from a census taken in Estonia in 1959 about marriage and divorce among Jews; a list of students at the University of Tartu between 1918 and 1944.



Material from the Estonian State Archives, the Estonian Historical Archives, the  Municipal Archives, all in Tallin; the Estonian Historical Archives, Tartu, and the Manuscript Department of the University of Tartu Library, as well as from  archives in St. Petersburg and Moscow, including records from the years 1558-1561, regarding rented property in the city of Narva, as well as documents from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs about communal registration in Estonia (1868), and reports of attendance at Jewish schools in the Derpt district; statistical data on synagogues and rabbinical matters in Estonia from the early 20th century, as well as documents concerning Jews, from the Russian Army headquarters during World War I; files from the German Foreign Office on Baltic Jewry (1879-1884).