Original material
Files of five communities, Altschottland (1720-1883), Langfuhr (1765-1883), Mattenbuden (1727-1883), Weinberg (1843-1883), Danzig in der Breitgasse (1839-1883), which were united into the community of Danzig (1883-1939); files from the community of Tiegenhof (1858-1936), which was absorbed by the community of Danzig in 1935. The papers of Erwin Lichtenstein, former head of the Danzig community, who arranged for the transfer of the community archives to Israel and served in Israel as a lawyer who represented former Danzig residents in restitution claims. 


Community files filmed at the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin (1869-1938); files and documents relating to Jews, filmed at the State Archives in Gdańsk (Danzig) (1567-1920). 


Regesta and lists of documents and files from 26 record groups at the State Archives in Gdańsk (17th-20th centuries).