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Original material

A collection of documents, files, books and video tapes relating to Jews in Bulgaria and to Bulgarian Jews in Israel, currently being assembled by an organization of Bulgarian Jews in Israel; files from the collection of Haim Keschales, containing copies of documents on Bulgarian Jewry (1939-1954).
Microfilms and photocopies
Files of the Bulgarian Central Jewish Consistory (1944-1956) and the communities of Burgas (1919-1944), Dupnitsa (1918-1944), Kiustendil (1942-1983), Pazardjik (1902-1957), Pleven (1922-1960), Plovdiv (1929-1957), Russe (1875-1948), Samokov (1942-1944), Sofia (1903-2000) and Varna (1902-1956); photocopies of volumes registering Jewish families from Jambol, Kiustendil, Pazardjik and Plovdiv, compiled in the 1930’s and 1940’s and containing information dating back to the late 19th century; letters from Bulgarian communities to the Chacham Bashi [Chief Rabbi] in Turkey (20th century); files from the German Foreign Office on Bulgarian Jewry (1879-1916).