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​​Original material 
Vienna, Jewish community archives, the largest community archive group at the CAHJP, relating to all aspects of communal activity, such as community leadership, contacts with other communities and the authorities, legal status, financial affairs, taxes, ritual matters, civil registry, education and culture, philanthropy and social organizations, as well as emigration; files on the V. Internationales Komitee für jüdische Flüchtlinge und KZler (1947-1951); files from other Austrian communities, e.g. Baden (1849-1939), Linz (1870-1938), Mistelbach (1895-1939), Neulengbach (1854-1938).
Microfilms and photocopies
The archives of the Jewish communities and schools in Burgenland (18th-20th centuries); files of the Israelitische theologische Lehranstalt Wien (1891-1938) and the Union österreichischer Juden (1903-1938); material from the Haus-, Hof-und Staatsarchiv, Wien, relating to Jews in Austria, and in other parts of the Holy Roman Empire.
Lists of material relating to Jews from Austrian state and municipal archives, as well as of Jewish collections at the Center for the Preservation of Historical Documentary Collections in Moscow (Osoby archives).
Private collections
Letters by various members of the renowned Wolf family in Eisenstadt.