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Source Libraries

​Scanning microfilms of manuscripts from the following sources is permitted without asking permission from the source collection, under the following conditions:

SourceConditions for Scanning
​Jerusalem, The National Library of Israel

Scanning for the purposes of "Fair Use" is allowed.

If the manuscript is in the Public Domain  any use is allowed.

​Oxford, Bodleian Library​Up to 10% of the manuscript, for any purpose.
​London, The British LibraryScanning for any purpose is permitted if the manuscript is scanned on the “Ktiv” website. Crediting the British Library is mandatory. For scanning manuscripts which are not scanned on Ktiv, an application must be sent to the British Library to receive permission.
Saint Petersburg, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, the Russian Academy of Sciences For research purposes only. Contact the source library for publication authorization
Cambridge, University Library ​For research purposes only. Contact the source library for publication authorization.


Manuscripts from the above sources can be scanned by self-service,or the scanning can be ordered through the National Library’s Document Delivery service.

Scanning microfilms of manuscripts from other sources is only permitted after receiving written permission from the source library.