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Library Treasures

 Library Treasures

The National Library was established - to preserve, nurture and give access to the treasures of knowledge, heritage and Jewish and Israeli culture. Therefore, the National Library collects literary treasures of the Jewish people and Israeli people worldwide.

In 2012 the National Library will mark 120 years of activity. Over these years were compiled from ancient and modern books, dealing with the wisdom of Israel and the Diaspora's knowledge, in the form of books, periodicals - journals, Tkltorim and in different languages​​. Treasures of the Library can specify some special collections.

Special Collections

Collection of manuscripts: Manuscripts collection is one of a national library treasures. In this collection there are about 10 000 Hebrew manuscripts dealing with all aspects of Jewish life and Jewish thought. There are about 2000 manuscripts in Arabic and some - 1,700 addresses. The manuscripts of the famous and important should be noted that the cycle and crushed, spread sub Maimonides and manuscripts theologians of Newton. Like - yes in the National Library is a collection of 12 religious books, of which 95 Mhudort / titles, 14 religious books in foreign languages, of which 127 editions / titles, plus another 35 000 rare books.

Collection of Maps: Maps collection is named in total 6000 unique collection of ancient maps from the 15th century until 1900, as well as antique atlases, travel books, Mdirichm, dictionaries, Bibles, Bible volumes containing maps. The collection includes antique maps from around the world and modern maps of Israel and a municipality before the State.

Archives Collection: National Library is a collection of special archives of intellectuals and artists Mozyakilim prominent Israeli culture and the world. Uniqueness of the archives manning expressed unpublished letters, photographs, addresses and historical documents.

Gershom Scholem Collection: Gershom Scholem Collection is a unique and comprehensive collection on Kabbalah and Chassidism. Personal collection of books built reception scholar Gershom Scholem. The collection includes 3,000 items including rare books, manuscripts and photographs used by Gershom because research.

The National Sound Archive: National Sound Archive is one of the treasures of the library, since this collection includes 3,000 hours recording audio materials which Jewish traditions, Jewish communities and non-Jewish communities in Israel and in Israel.

Deposit Library of international organizations: The National Library is a rich and unique collection, which concentrates all the materials and reports distributed by the organizations internationals and have connection to Israel.