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Historical Hebrew Press

​​​​Early Hebrew press is a primary source of utmost importance in the research of the history of the Yishuv in Eretz-Israel and in the history of the Diaspora communities. It also sheds light on the revival of the Hebrew language and the development of Hebrew journalism. The database is a vital tool for teachers and students of all ages who can learn about this period of history through an exciting and fascinating, unmediated, learning experience.
The National Library, in recognizing the significance of these newspapers, which are kept in the reading rooms and are disintegrating,  and in light of the fact that many request to browse them, made it a point to make them fully accessible online to readers in Israel and abroad.


Another important aspect of this project is saving the newspapers that are crumbling as as result of excessive use and the wounds of time, and creating a full copy of each newspaper from its beginning to its end. Most of the newspapers are from the Library's collection. For the completion of this project, more newspapers were tracked down in other libraries' collections and in private collections as well.

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Historical Jewish Press
Historical Jewish Press
The site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in different languages​​, countries and time periods. Electronic versions of newspapers in their original layout of all the material published in the journal during the years of publication.
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