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 Key archives of Israeli writers

The Library’s collection of personal archives includes the archives of Israeli writers, poets, thinkers and scholars, as well as a collection of posters and photographs.

The following are some of the prominent archives:

Ahad Ha’am (Ukraine 1856 – Tel Aviv 1927)
Writer and thinker; a leader of the Hibbat Zion movement.
The archive includes letters written by and to Ahad Ha’am, his original material and newspaper cuttings about him.
Location: ARC. 4º 791 (L).
Bergman, Shmuel Hugo (Prague 1883 – Jerusalem 1975)
Philosopher and thinker; professor at the Hebrew University and director of the Israel National Library in Jerusalem.
The archive includes articles, correspondence, manuscripts and sundry documents.
Location: ARC. 4º 1502 (L).
Greenberg, Uri Zvi (Galicia 1896 – Ra’anana 1981)
Poet, essayist and translator. Immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1924.
The archive includes personal documents, manuscripts of poetry and prose, illustrations, reviews of his work, newspaper cuttings, photographs, and letters written by and to Greenberg.
Location: ARC. 4º 1553 (L).
Leibowitz, Yeshayahu (Riga 1903 – Jerusalem 1994)
Scientist and intellectual; professor of organic chemistry, biology and neurophysiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Leibowitz was the chief editor of several volumes of the Encyclopedia Hebraica, and wrote books and articles presenting his philosophical, religious and political beliefs.
The archive includes letters, newspaper cuttings about Leibowitz, drafts of scientific articles, a collection of press cuttings, notebooks from his student days, material relating to his teaching work in the university, and cuttings of scientific articles with his comments in preparation for his own work.
Location: ARC. 4º 1889 (NL).
Agnon, Shmuel Yosef (Buchach 1888 – Jerusalem 1970)
Writer; Nobel prize laureate.
The archive includes manuscripts, reviews, articles, books, newspaper cuttings, and letters written by and to Agnon.
Location: ARC. 4º 1270 (L).

Archives of Israeli musicians

The Musical Archives collection includes the personal archives of Moshe Wilensky, Sasha Argov, Naomi Shemer, Dubi Seltzer, Gil Aldema and other creators.