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Historical Jewish Press

​Jewish press, in its myriad languages, is a vital source of information regarding the history and culture of the world's Jews and their countries of residence in the modern era. The "Historical Jewish Press" website brings the digital revolution to the field, enabling a full search through an entire newspaper's printing history, from beginning to end. Based on Olive Software's "Active Paper", the website aspires to make the bulk of Jewish newspapers and periodicals published in the past accessible online , including rare newspapers whose access was impossible up until now.


The site's founders, Tel-Aviv University and the National Library, welcome new partners and donors to join, academic, public, and private, with the goal of expanding the collections and creating unique language and national sections (more details to follow). Our aspiration is that the website represent every Jewish community in the world and the newspapers they published.

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Historical Hebrew Press
Historical Hebrew Press
Early Hebrew press is a primary source of utmost importance in the research of the history of the Yishuv in Eretz-Israel and in the history of the Diaspora communities. It also sheds light on the revival of the Hebrew language and the development of Hebrew journalism.
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