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Sacred Texts

 Sacred Texts and Masterpieces of Islamic Culture: The Series Finale

“Love poetry in the Persian mystical tradition”:
An evening of literature, art and music

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, from 20:00-22:00
              Exhibition of rare illustrated Persian manuscripts, from 19:00


Program Details:
Dr. Raquel Ukeles, Curator of the Islam and Middle East Collection, The National Library of Israel
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Love Stories in Medieval Persian Literature
Dr. Julia Rubanovich, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


“The Mirror of the Heart and the Eye of the Lover”: Illustrations of Mystical Love Stories
Prof. Rachel Millstein, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sufism as the Path of Love through the Personal Experiences of  Rumi  [Discussion with Readings]
Ya’qub ibn Yusuf, Scholar and Publisher of Olam Qatan Books
Shaykh Ghassan Manasra, Director of the Center for Islamic Culture, Nazareth


Performance of Persian Classical music and Turkish Sufi music
Amir Shahsar – Nay and vocals
Kayhan Neeman – Santur
Isaac Ventura – Sitar and Nay
Jacob Farivar-Delshed – Tombek (Zarb)
The evening begins at 7pm with a special exhibition, open for three hours only, of rare Persian manuscripts from the NLI’s Yahuda collection. The exhibition includes 16 visually stunning works with miniature paintings depicting timeless love stories, such as Yusuf and Zulaikha (Potiphar’s wife), and the exclusive garden parties of the royal court. The manuscripts date from 15th century onwards and span Iran, Turkey and India. Also included in the exhibition are three Judeo-Persian commentaries on classical Persian poetry collections. The exhibition provides a window into one of the richest literary cultures of the world and its influence on surrounding regions.
The program, from 8pm-10pm, begins with a brief musical opening of Persian classical music, followed by lectures by renowned academics on the literary and artistic traditions related to Persian mystical poetry. After another musical interlude of Persian classical music, two Sufis (one Jewish and one Muslim) will discuss Jalal al-Din Rumi’s approach to mystical and human love.  For the final part of the program, the musical ensemble will play Turkish music and recite Rumi's poetry in Persian.