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Reading Room

 The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Reading Room

The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Reading Room attracts researchers and students from throughout Israel, as well as scholars from Europe and the USA.

The reading room includes numerous reference sources, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, academic databases on different subjects, and journals accessible to all visitors.

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Library services are available until 15 minutes before closing.


The Islam and Far-East Reference Desk is open during the following hours:


For short questions or to set up a meeting in advance call: 074-733-6436
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​The reading room is mentioned in the entry Al-Quds in the Encyclopedia of Islam (Goitein):
Besides the monuments described in part B. and the vibrant folklife in the Old City, Jerusalem offers much of interest to the Islamist. The Palestine (“Rockefeller”) Museum contains unique exhibits from Ḵh̲irbat al-Mafd̲j̲ar [q.v.] and other treasures of Islamic art and archaeology. The Ḵh̲ālidiyya library in the Old City possesses valuable manuscripts, including some not listed in the Barnāmad̲j̲ al- maktaba al-Ḵh̲ālidiyya, Jerusalem 1318, and so does the library of the Hebrew University. The Oriental reading room of the University library is an exceptionally good working library for Islamic studies. The Institute of Asian and African Studies of the Hebrew University harbours, among other collections, a Concordance of Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Poetry, comprising at present over a million-and-half index cards, while the newly created L. A. Mayer Memorial Institute of Islamic Art (officially opened on 9 October 1974) can boast of exquisite examples of Islamic art and workmanship.
(S.D. Goitein)