Collection of Archives on Islam & the Middle East

The Library houses the archives of a number of Orientalists:

Burchardt, Hermann (Berlin 1857 – Yemen 1909)
A German-Jewish Orientalist, Burchardt was murdered during his third visit to Yemen.
The archive includes Burchardt’s diary and travel records, correspondence, personal documents and a description of the circumstances surrounding his death in Yemen.
Ms.Var.525 (L)

Ben David, Yochanan (Iran 1941 – London [])
Orientalist and art collector. Ben David was born in Iran (Persia), but lived and died in London.
The archive includes correspondence, press cuttings and written material in Persian, English and Hebrew.
Ms.Var.517 (NL)

Galanti, Avram (Bodrum, Turkey 1873 – Istanbul 1961)
Turkish-Jewish politician and historian of Turkish Jewry; professor at Istanbul University.
The archive includes manuscripts, press cuttings, articles and correspondence.
Ms.Var.411 (L)

Yehuda, Avraham Shalom (Jerusalem 1877 – New Haven 1951)
Orientalist; professor at Madrid University and at the New School for Social Research in New York. Collector of books and manuscripts. Shalom donated his collections to the Library.
A private archive.
Yah.Ms.Var.38 (index card)

Mittwoch, Eugen (Scrimm, Poland 1876 – London 1942)
A German-Jewish Orientalist; professor of Semitic Languages in Berlin.
The archive includes correspondence, lectures and biographical material.
Ms.Var.540 (L)