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International Organizations

 Collection of United Nations Publications

The National Library is the only comprehensive depository library in Israel. As such, it receives most UN publications, including official documents and commercial publications, free of charge. This is the most substantial collection in Israel.

Access to all UN documents since 1993 is available via the Optical Disk System. For documents issued prior to that date, please consult the Official Records (until 2005) in the General Reading Room.

For questions and assistance: 074-733-6420

Official Documents

The collection includes UN documents from 1947 onward, including those pertaining to the establishment of Israel, from all organs of the UN (the General Assembly, Security Council, etc.). All speeches delivered by representatives and all resolutions passed by the UN are also part of the collection.

Commercial Publications

In its capacity as a depository library, the National Library receives all UN publications pertaining to Europe, of which Israel is a part by UN definition. The Library also receives publications on a wide variety of subjects: economics, statistics, human rights, international law, social issues, etc.

The Library receives publications from the following organizations: UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP, FAO, UNFPA, UNRISD, WTO.

All publications issued can be accessed through the Library's online catalogue.

Publications of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

All OECD publications can be accessed online at OECD iLibrary



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