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 Key archives in the general humanities

The National Library of Israel preserves many archives of prominent personalities, among them several non-Jewish figures. These archives were donated to the National Library.

The Ehrenstein Archive – German writers

​Galíndez Suárez, Jesús de (Amurrio, Basque country 1915 – disappeared New York 1956)
A Basque nationalist who fought in the Spanish Civil war and later served as representative of the Basque government-in-exile in the Dominican Republic. Professor of international law at Colombia University.
The collection includes documents, correspondence and essays relating to the Basque movement and the Spanish Civil War.
ARC. Ms.Var.561 (L)
Hye, Anton (Gleink, Austria 1807 – Vienna 1894)
Austrian jurist, Professor Vienna University and minister of law.
Legal studies.
ARC. 4º 1511 (L)
Fränkel, Abraham Ben Aviezri (Munich 1891 – Jerusalem 1965)
Mathematician; professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Immigrated in 1933.
ARC. 4º 1621 (L)
Zweig, Stefan (Vienna 1881 – Petrópolis, Brazil 1942)
Distinguished Austrian-Jewish writer, translator, essayist, playwright and biographer. Lived in the UK and USA before migrating to Brazil, where he and his wife committed suicide.
The archive includes letters written by and to Zweig.
Ms.Var.305 (L)
Kolb, Leon (Czernowitz 1890 – San Francisco 1977)
Physician and art collector; professor of anthropology at Stanford University.
The archive includes correspondence, autographs of famous artists, photographs, certificates and ancient documents.
ARC. 4º 1501 (L)

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