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Edelstein Collection

  The General Collection

Edelstein CollectionThis, our largest collection, covers all areas of the History, philosophy and sociology of science. It includes sources as well as secondary literature, periodicals and a reference section. Most books are English, but there are also works in French, German, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew. The books in this collection deal with the whole spectrum of thought between the exact and the occult, from magic to quantum mechanics, from chiromancy to cognitive sciences, from astrology to space technology.

This collection includes numerous sets of 'Opera Omnia': of Euclides, Aristoteles, Copernicus, Galilei, Descartes, Berkeley, Newton, boyle, Huygens, Euler, Linneus, Lagrange, Laplace, Poincare, Peirce, Bohr, Schroedinger and others. Besides complete works there are also to be found rich bibliographies of and about other prominent figures such as Darwin, Einstein, Cuvier, Duhem, etc. Like science itself, which is evolving and dynamic, so does this collection, which is continually undergoing expansion: on its shelves, along with the remains of old sciences and theories, some of which were extinct centuries ago (such as phrenology, physiognomy, alchemy) one can see the growth of young shoots of new sciences and issues that sprang in the last decades (for example genetics and eugenics, quantum theory, ecology and environmental science, computer science and information technology, atomic bomb and nuclear energy).