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The website for "Historical Jewish Press" contains electronic versions of Jewish newspapers from various eras, in three languages. The newspapers appear in black and white, gray and in color. Via this website you can do a word search of all the published material on the site.

The search results will appear in the form of an article. In addition, you can see an image of the page of the newspaper that the article was published on, lines from the article that contain the search words, as well the original pagination of the newspaper. 
This page is a guide for using the various newspaper interfaces.
Note: This website appears best in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9,10.
IE8 is not supported.
The use of other browsers or other versions may result in problems with display. 

The Navigation Ruler
The buttons can be used to navigate between the various possibilities within the newspaper interface. 

General Search
Allows a general search of all the newspapers on the site 


Search Key:

   Magnifying Glass - start searching

    Folder - contains the previous searches that were saved. Previous searches can only be accessed on the same computer and browser.
  Disk - save your current search.
 Printer - print search results



Advanced Search 
The search page allows the user to control the search functions and the order in which the results are displayed.

Boolean Search: In order to refine the search and to prevent "an information flood" you can use conditional keywords: and, or, not, near. The keywords can be added by hand, or, alternatively, click on the arrow that appears at the end of the search box, and the keyword will be added to the search box.

Refine Search: after entering the search word/s in the search box, you can refine your search by doing another search of words within the article.
All of these words - all the words in the box will appear in the results.
The exact word or phrase - the exact word or phrase will appear in the results.
Any of these words - The results will include some of the words in the search box.
Exclude - the words written in the box will not be included in the results.


Limit the search to one or to all the newspapers: This box allows you to choose in which newspaper you want the search to take place. It is possible to choose one newspaper, or to search in all the newspapers.
In addition, it is possible to only search the front pages of newspapers (check the small box).



Delimit the search to a specific era: It is possible to delimit the search to a certain time period, however, it is recommended to ensure that the newspaper you are searching was indeed published during that time period (searching in a time period during which the newspaper/s weren't published won't yield results.) You can delimit the search by choosing the year you want to start the search and the year until which you want to receive the search results.
To finish, press the search button. 

Search Results
This page assembles the search results.
For instance: in the following row you can see the number of results, 3350, that we received when we searched for the word "shalom" in "Dvar" between the years 1950-1952.

An example of a search result display: on the left you can see the page where the article originated, and under it, the details: day, month year. If we would search all the newspapers, the name of the newspaper would also be added here. It is also possible to see the article where the search word appears. Click on the word to read the whole thing.

Add to my collection - Clicking on "my collection" allows you to temporarily save an article chosen from the list of articles. You can go back to my collection so long as you are connected to the same computer and browser, by choosing "my collection" on the navigation ruler. 
Method for sorting search results: Users can sort their search results in one of the following six ways:
Relevance: Organizes the results according to an advanced algorithm that takes into account both the number of times the phrase appears as well as its placement in the article. So, for instance, if the word appears in the headline it will appear higher than if the word appears in the body of the article.
Oldest First:  Organizes the search results from earliest to latest.
Newest First: Organizes the ults from latest to earliest.
Sort the results according to articles, pictures or ads: Clicking the button will allow you to see results that were received in three different ways.
The browsing page allows you to choose an edition of the newspaper by choosing the name of the edition, the day of the week (you can also choose the whole week) and the month. All of the editions that came out during the first month of the latest year that appears on the website will then appear on the page (default). In order to go through the years, mark the requested year on the years ruler that appears above. The requested month should be marked on the month ruler that appears on the left side of the screen.
Clicking on the page will lead to the Display page.


On this page you can browse through the pages of the newspaper and choose a specific article to read. 



Opening an Article: Left click on the body of the article and the requested article will appear in the Article View interface. 

Article View Key:
                         The star button - allows you to add the article to "my
                       The print button - allows you to print the article
                        The envelop button - allows you to email the article

  The Text View button allows you to see the text of the article. The text is a result of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The text may contain marks and mistakes. These characters are not recognized by OCR as a result of a number of parameters, including the quality of the original print, the quality of the photograph, resolution, the quality of the source, the quality of the source of the photograph, the OCR program, the font of the print, and other parameters.

Browsing between the pages: It is possible to browse through pages of the newspaper by clicking the top corners of the pages. As the page turns, it is accompanied by a cute animation of a turning page, which gives the feeling of reading an actual print newspaper.
The middle of the tools ruler, appearing above, marks the number of the current page. The title of the newspaper and the date are noted on the left.

Clicking on the thumbnails button allows you to view all the pages on one page and to browse through them.

Clicking on the printer button allows you to print the current page you are on.

Clicking on the envelope button allows you to email the current page you are on. When you do so, a box will open. Enter email details and a short message. The email recipient will be sent a link through which they can see the article.

Clicking on the disk button allows you to save the whole edition of the newspaper on the computer as a PDF file

My collection
While you are searching and browsing the articles you can save articles in "my collection." The "my collection" page displays the articles you saved up until now.  


Opening an article: Left click on the article page to open it in an article view interface. In this interface you can take all of the actions described below.
  Removing an article from my collections: to remove articles, click on the x button that is found on the top-left of the article page. To remove all the saved articles in my collection, click on the trash button
  To send "my collection" via email, click on the envelope button.

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 Statistiques du site

No. de titres:       365
No. de parution: 263,572
No. de pages:     2,519,021
Période:              1783-2014

 Nouveautés du site

  • 22.10.2013, mardi

    Le nouveau site de Presse Juive du Passé offre plus de journaux, il a des capacités de recherche et fonctionnalité améliorées et il est plus convivial qu'avant.

  • 12.05.2013, dimanche
    Le journal Ha-Am a été ajouté au site

    Un nouveau titre a rejoint le site: Ha-Am. Ha-Am, hebdomadaire politico-littéraire publié à Moscou dans les années 1916-1918. Ha-'Aam) le Peuple) est le seul journal hébraïque publiée en Russie pendant la révolution de Octobre 1917. C'est le 37ème journal rajouté au site. L'édition électronique comprend actuellement 1178 pages.