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Termes d’utilisation

​​1. The Library's Access Policy
a. The National Library enables free digital access to historical press collections, as part of its activities of preservation, cultivation and dissemination of the cultural heritage and treasures of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.
b. The National Library acts to identify and locate creators and copyright-holders. A part of the collection has been made accessible after receiving permission from the copyright-holders. Another part has been made accessible by the National Library under the fair use principle as set forth in the Copyright Law, 5768-2007 (the "Copyright Law").

2. Permitted uses
a. Prior to using the collections, the user must check the copyright status of the work and any other restrictions by law.
b. The collections are available to the public solely for the non-commercial purposes of research, education and self-study. Any commercial use of the material is forbidden.
c. In addition, the user must receive permission from the copyright-holder of the work for any use requiring such permission according to the Copyright Law. Such uses include copying, distribution, broadcasting, delivering to a third party, public performance, publication and making available to the public through the internet or by any other means. The above does not detract for the user's right of "permitted uses" of the work, which do not require the permission of the copyright holder in accordance with their definition the Copyright Law, such as fair use.
d. The National Library may make it possible for the user to download a copy of the work, to print it, to share it or embed the work in another website. These actions are the responsibility of the user alone and are subject to the copyright holder's permission or to the use falling under the aforementioned permitted uses of the work.
e. The use of the materials is also subject to the terms of use of the National Library website available at:
It is hereby clarified that any systematic copying, downloading, or distribution of any substantial part of any of the National Library's collections is forbidden. Saving and/or maintaining substantial parts of the National Library's digital collections are forbidden.

3. Credit
a. The access to some of the collections which the National Library makes available to the public was made possible thanks to cooperation with copyright holders, donors and collectors. In such cases, the name of the collection owner appears in the information in the National Library's website or in the information available in the Library's catalog.
b. Upon any use of a work, the user must mention the source of the work (name of the collection) and the collection owner’s details in the following format:
"Historical Jewish Press website – www.Jpress.org.il – founded by the National Library and Tel Aviv University"
In addition, the user must mention the creator's details and respect the creator’s moral rights in his work.

4. Notification and removal of content
a. The Library's actions are taken in good faith and with the intention of respecting the creators' moral rights, the rights of the copyright holders, privacy rights and libel law.
b. If you have found material made available by the library without your permission as the holder of copyright in the work, or that the material contains sensitive content that might harm your privacy or dignity (including defamation) or that it was unlawfully published, please send us an e-mail to:
c. In your e-mail, please include the following details: contact information; description of the item question; the URL of the item; your claims regarding the use of the work; and if the claim refers to copyright, please attach a reference and a personal declaration confirming that you are the holder of copyright in the work.

5. Limitation of liability
The Library will not be liable for any damage, loss, expense or financial loss caused to the user or a third party as a direct or indirect result of the use of the material. The responsibility for unlawful use of a work, including infringement of copyright in accordance with the Copyright Law, an offense under the Defamation Law, 5725-1965, violation of privacy in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, and any other use forbidden by law, shall be borne by the user alone.

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