Vestnik Russkikh Evreev- Вестникъ Русскихъ Евреевъ

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Vestnik Russkikh Evreev- Вестникъ Русскихъ Евреевъ
Frequency: Weekly
Language: Russian
1871 - 1873
Country: Tsarist Russia
Publication Place: Saint Petersburg
Editors: Aleksander Zederbaum

A newspaper in Russian published in Saint Petersburg from 1871 to 1873.

The meaning its title is "Messenger of the Russian Jews", and it was published by acclaimed Jewish Editor and Journalist Aleksander Zederbaum, mostly known for his contribution to Hebrew and Yiddish Press.

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Issues Available on Site:
73 Issues
897 Pages
Between years: 1873-1871


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Quality Status: Mediocre
The digital edition was produced from a mediocre quality microfilm edition.