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​Intellectual Property
All commercial use of text and pictures published on the 'Historical Jewish Press' website is strictly prohibited.
Non commercial use is limited to text citation only.
Citation of material from the website is permitted as long as explicit credit is given, including both the name of the website (Historical Jewish Press) and the website's internet addresses: http://www.jpress.org.il
The Electronic Editions of the Newspapers
The electronic editions of the newspapers provided by this website are solely for personal or research use, and are subject to the restrictions of "reasonable use" of the material.
Printing the articles or sending them as links in an e-mail is permitted as long as it is done using the website's own interface.
Systematic saving of newspaper articles or entire issues without written permission from the Historical Jewish Press website is strictly prohibited.
Any publishing of issues, articles, or portions thereof in a printed or electronic publication (either commercial or non-commercial) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Historical Jewish Press website.
Written permission may be obtained by e-mail using the website's interface, or alternatively, by letter directed to:



Historical Jewish Press Site
Jewish History Department
Tel Aviv University (69978) 


  • 01.08.2019, Thursday
    Emile Gabbay

    Jewish Historical Press extends sincere condolences to the Family of Emile Gabbay, one of the founders of the Jewish-Egyptian Press section on the website and a dear partner of the Project, who passed away earlier this week.

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    ‘Haaretz’ newspaper

    ‘Haaretz’ newspaper is now online up to 1959

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    'Koteret Rashit’ newspaper

    'Koteret Rashit’ newspaper is now fully available online

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    ‘HaOlam' newspaper

    ‘HaOlam' newspaper is now fully available online

  • 15.03.2017, Wednesday
    The addition of the paper La Epoca to the website

    La Epoca was the most important Jewish Newspaper published in Thessaloniki,

  • 17.02.2016, Wednesday
    Additions to the Sentinel

    The Sentinel, a weekly paper for the Chicago Jewish community, now includes issues from 1950-1951. Issues from 1952-1977 will be added in the coming months.

  • 31.01.2016, Sunday
    20 Polish titles added

    In collaboration with the Polish National Library, 20 new titles have been added in the past 2 months. The titles may be found in the Jewish Press in Poland section, which will continue to expand this year.

  • 15.12.2015, Tuesday
    The addition of the paper פֿאָרװערטס to the website

    פֿאָרװערטס, one of the most important papers of the Jewish American community, has been added to the website, including over 100,000 pages.

  • 26.11.2015, Thursday
    The addition of the Sephardic paper "Aherout" to the website

    The "Aherout" paper was published in Jerusalem during the years 1910-1917, the only paper published in Hebrew during the WWI

  • 01.02.2015, Sunday
    The Addition of the journal Kol HaAm

    In August of 1937, the Palestinian Communist Party started publishing a monthly newspaper in Hebrew called "Kol HaAm"