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The Jewish press in its many and varied languages is first and foremost a source of information on the history and culture of world Jewry and on the countries of Jews' residence in the modern era. The Historical Jewish Press website brings the digitization revolution to this field and offers the possibility to perform a full search of all the published text of a given newspaper throughout all the years of its publication. Using the ActivePaper software of the Olive-Software company, the website hopes to make available online the majority of Jewish newspapers and journals published in the past, including extremely rare newspapers to which access has been previously impossible.
This website's initiators, Tel Aviv University and the National Library of Israel, encourage additional partners and contributors — be they academic, public, or private groups or individuals — to join in this project, with the goal of expanding our collection and establishing within it distinctive departments organized by language and locality (click here for further details). Our ambition is for the website to provide representation of all the Jewish communities of the world and of the newspapers which they have published.
The following pages provide a broad range of information addressing different aspects of the project. This information is intended to assist the user by providing both an understanding of the internal logic of the website and concrete suggestions for website usage.

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