Israel Inter-University Sub-Committee for Cataloging and Retrospective Conversion

Shalom to all of you!

Committee Members


Rachel Weizmann


Elhanan Adler

Bar-Ilan University:

Chaim Seymour
Shlomo Rotenberg

Ben-Gurion University:

Belle Feinberg
Esther Admit

Haifa University:

Karnia Dan

Hebrew University:

Rosalind Duke
Meira Harosh
Irene Roskin

Tel-Aviv University:

Anna Budick
Matuka Lubin
Ruth Stanger


Anita Ben Sasson

Weizmann Institute:

Yardena Huber

Digest of Committee Decisions

Material Types for University Network

Discussion Group

We answer your questions on cataloging.

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The message is: "subscribe il-isracat [your name]"


Committee Libraries in Aleph

BASE UHJ - Authority file of Judaica Uniform Headings

BASE PAR - Authority file of Israeli Political Parties

BASE LCS - Library of Congress Subjects

BASE LCN - Library of Congress Name Authorities

BASE MRC - Library of Congress Catalogings

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Protocols of Meetings

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