Development Requests in Cataloging

(amended draft)


Description: Treatment of volume parts. In many cases one needs to interfile additional volumes or parts in the holdings.
Suggestion: To treat parts of volumes like issues of periodicals, i.e. 1.1, 1.2, etc.
Date: 1995/6.

See references

Description: The option to copy a series of see references from index to index or even from other libraries.
Date: Old request.

See References One to Many

Description: Library of Congress subjects See references are not built on a one to one but on a one to many basis. e.g. Self government
We have provisional solutions but would like a real solution
Date: 1996.

Cancel Erasures in Holdings

Description: Option to cancel erasures in Holdings:
Date: 1995/6.
Recommendation: Need 'Do you really want to Delete? y or n' in holdings to prevent accidental erasure of volumes, etc. This feature is mandatory in most software programs.

Holdings date

Description: Holdings should show not only open date but also last update as in bibliographical record. There should also be a history file for interim updates.
Date: 1996.

Dynamic edit

Description: Add editing functions to Dynamic Edit, including wrap-around from row to row, row deletion, copying rows.
Date: 1995/6.

Record number

Description: Record number should appear at the top of continuation screens of records displayed in search, cataloging authorities, and maintenance.
Date: 1996.

Uniform Codes

Description: Uniform codes for work in Search, Maintenance and cataloging:
To display a record in Search: the number of the line + xp
to display a record in cataloging authorities: s
to display a record in maintenance: xp
To see notes in search: xp
To see notes in cataloging authorities: xp:
to see notes in maintenance: rf
n.b. see contradictory use of xp especially in search.
Date: 1995/1996.

Why command (history)

Description: 'Why' command in Search shows previous commands. Extend to Cataloging and maintenance.
Date: 1995/6

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