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Rabbeinu Tam

In honor of the elections for the post of Chief Rabbi of Israel we present a song about Rabbeinu Tam, the grandson of Rashi.
The author of the poem, the poet and writer, Itzik Manger, describes Rabbeinu Tam in the spirit of the humor of the start of the century. The tune was composed by Hertz Rubin.
Itzik Manger saw himself as a folk poet, a troubadour who sang about historical events. However, Manger would bring historical events into his own times. For example, in his works, The Poems of the Pentateuch and the Poems of the Megillah, he tells Biblical stories as if they happened in the Eastern Europe of his times.
In this song he tells of Rebbeinu Tam from a modern, enlightened perspective: The Rabbi as a man- the object of affection of "the Queen of Turkey"- with an angry wife. The poem combines many motifs from Yiddish folk poetry as well as images of a tailor's apprentice and a bird, which often appear in Manger's poetry.
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Song of the Day
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