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The Frog Prince

In honor of the birth of the Royal baby, third in line to the throne after his father William and his grandfather, Charles, we present the song "The Frog Prince", words by Israel Weisler (Poochoo), composed by Uzi Hitman, and performed by Tsippi Shavit and Kalit.
"Once, a long time ago,
A handsome prince sat in a rose garden,
Reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of tea.
Suddenly a witch came down on a broom
And said to him, "My love, I so much want
To marry and to kiss you."
Boys and girls, lovers of tales
About magic and knights and princesses
If this seems depressing
Just listen- we might cry
But in the end we'll jump for joy.
The handsome prince looked at the monster
And said mockingly, "You're surely joking".
Suddenly- how did it happen, the devil only knows-
Instead of a prince, a frog sat in the garden-
A regular, green frog
Now, your whole life you will wait for a kiss.
The frog prince jumped for joy
Because he didn't think he was so ugly
But every girl who he flattered
Said, "Go away before I faint".
But the happy ending we all know:
All the girls now look for frogs".
השיר היומי
השיר היומי
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