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Ofra Haza

Ofra Haza​Singer Ofra Haza grew up in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood and went on to achieve enormous international success. Renowned for her fusion of Yemenite, Mediterranean and Israeli elements, Haza's fame was attributable in part to the rising popularity of ethnic music. She traveled the world performing traditional Yemenite songs to pop and disco arrangements that were well received on dance floors and broadcast on radio and television. 


The song "Ga'aguim" was one of the first numbers Haza performed. This recording comes from the Hatikva neighborhood theater workshop. 

"Zichronot Ahava" by Bezalel Aloni and Ziona Liron
Arranged and conducted by Aryeh Levanon 

"Rak ad Hayom" by Nissim and Sarah Shuval
Recorded in Tel Aviv, 1977 

Another Haza hit from the same recording: "Hageshem"
Violin-rich symphonic arrangement by Aryeh Levanon


"Shir shel Teimani" from the 1988 Dror Mediterranean song festival.
The IBA lists Ofra Haza as the composer

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