Jacob-Loewenson, Alice, 1895-1967
Composer, Pianist, Music critic
25 boxes containing critics, compositions
Printed catalogue
Mus 027

Jacobson, Gabriel (*), 1923-1948
2 boxes containing compositions, arrangements, documents
Online catalogue
Mus 151

Jacobson, I.D., 1884-1961
3 boxes containing compositions
Printed catalogue
Mus 231

Jacobson, Moshe (*), 1921–
Composer, Arranger, Educator
2 boxes containing compositions, arrangements
Online catalogue
Mus 161

Jacoby, Hanoch (*), 1909-1990
1 box containing compositions
Online catalogue
Mus 156

Jacoby, Paul, 1911-1997
Board member of I.P.O.
1 box containing correspondence
Mus 159

Joachim, Joseph, 1831-1907
Violinist, Composer, Conductor, Teacher
1 box containing correspondence, compositions
Mus 040

Jochsberger, Zipora, 1921–
Composer, Educator
10 boxes containing compositions, correspondence
Mus 138

Jochsberger, Zipora - Moreshet Hamusika BeYisrael, 1980-1990
Collection of documents and video clips for distribution of music of Jewish communities
17 boxes containing correspondence, compositions, pictures
Mus 137

(*) – personal archive from the "Histadrut Department of Culture and Education" archives.
Printed catalogue – list of all items according to units.
List – various handwritten or computerized lists that assist in using the collection.
Online catalogue – catalogue of compositions or accompanying material in the National Library Aleph catalogue.
The printed catalogue and the lists can be used in the Music Center.