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About the Archive

The Tsippi Fleischer Archive is one of over 250 personal archives of Israeli and Jewish composers from all over the world, who composed religious music, art music and Israeli song. These archives were donated to the National Library by the composers themselves or by their families and can be found in the Music Department of the National Library in Jerusalem after undergoing preservation and cataloging processes.
The Fleischer Archive - the most comprehensive collection of the composer's works- was donated to the National Library by Tsippi Fleischer in 2008. Its number in the Music Department is MUS 0121.


The archive contains evidence of the composer's creative process, including manuscripts – scores and text - of tens of works that she composed over the course of forty years. Likewise, the archive contains pictures, letters, documents and clippings from newspapers including reviews, articles and interviews with and about Tsippi Fleischer. In addition, recordings of her works can be found in the Music Archives


A comprehensive archive of Israeli song, which was collected by Fleischer over tens of years, is also in the process of being transferred to the Archive of the Music Department where it will constitute a continuation and development of the Meir Noy Archive for Israeli song. The archive includes documents, letters, newspaper clippings and hundreds of hours of interviews with artists from the Israeli music scene - Daniel Sambursky, Nechama Hendel, Matityahu Shalem, Naomi Polani, and others.