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First Symphony

 For Orchestra, 1996. The second movement, Andante Lamentoso, dedicated to the memory of Itzhak Rabin (publisher: IMI 1996)

Galinne's First Symphony was written in the context of the 60th Anniversary Jubilee Contest held by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. It was premiered and recorded by the IPO (conducted by Mendi Rodan) during the final stage of the competition.

The Symphony is festive in character and includes, for the first time in Galinne's work, elements of Israeli folklore as well as brass section fanfares and clusters. The work was influenced by Paul Ben-Haim's "Fanfare to Israel" and opens with a trumpet fanfare.

The work has an optimistic tone and was inspired by the hopes for peace during that era as a result of the peace talks led by Itzhak Rabin. But Itzhak Rabin was assassinated while the piece was being composed. The whole country was shocked. Galinne decided to dedicate the second movement, Lamentoso, to the memory of the late Prime Minister Rabin. The Lamentoso is written with canon technique. It begins in the low register, moves up to heaven but returns to the dark, low and mourning character where it began.

The work has three movements, and begins with an optimistic opening. After the mournful Lamentoso the last movement retains the optimism of the first movement. The final triumphant ending expresses Rachel Galinne's almost messianic belief and the hope, which we all share, that peace will finally come to the Middle East and to Israel, even if it takes a long time.
  • Manuscript of "the First Symphony", First page (Call no. MUS 253 A21a)
  • Manuscript of "the First Symphony", Second page (Call no. MUS 253 A21a)
  • Manuscript of "the First Symphony", Third page (Call no. MUS 253 A21a)
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