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En edad de quince años

 At 15

A lyrical song, with square verses, that rhyme at lines two and four- mostly in first person. As usual in cancionero, there is no mandatory connection between the verses of the song. These are the lyrics- The first verse: at the age of 15, I made love to a beautiful girl from a prominent family. The second verse: my love is thief and a card player, may God save him from the police. The third verse:  As many are the stars in the heaven, so are the number of brides you will wed. Even should you wed and wed, in the end you will remain a widower.

Song Lyrics

​En edad de quince años
empeci yo a hacer el amor

con una muchacha hermosa
de familia y de hunor

‘l oficio del mi querido
ladronico y komargí
el tavan que mi lo guadri
.di la mano dil polis


,Tantas estrellas al cielo
tantas novias tumarás
,y que cases y que cases
.al fin bivdo quedarás