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Sintid coplas que asentí – Coplas del felek: El precio del café

 The Price of Coffee

This is one of the coplas that are called “coplas on our fate” which reflect the poor economic situation which the impoverished members of the community found themselves in. The first verse expresses their worries and their difficulties in supporting themselves. The second verse talks about the rise in the price of coffee- a troubling prospect, since it was the most beloved drink in the area. Drinking coffee was so central to the way of life that the poor were forced to use ground baked chickpeas as a substitute for their beloved drink. The second verse presents the types of food according to economic class: the poor person eats only dried beans and can’t buy seasonal fruit; the store keeper or grocer would look at him and immediately tell him it is too expensive.

The song is composed of many verses: in the version below there are four verses that meet the criteria for “Purim Verses”- coplas that are sung on Purim. It contains nine rhymes, long and short, with 8 or 6 syllables; the second rhyme rhymes with the fourth and fifth, but the eight rhymes with the ninth (sometimes the sixth rhymes with the seventh, as in a Purim copla).
On the recording Attias adds:
Cánticas de Haim Yapagí (Haim Effendi) cantadas por Ishak Selí con ud en 1959 en California

Song Lyrics

​Sintid coplas que asentí
del felek de agora
no es aires que pasí
.sino grande bora
Esta mala hora
que vamos pasando
.mos vamos quemando
Creieme un poco
.que vo a salir loco
El kaviko ya subió
;a treinta dos y medio
tosta garbanzo y bebe
:que no tenes remedio
sin un tacón y medio
,no vos puedes pasar
!ah, mi nicochera
Creieme un poco
que vo a salir loco
La cumida del aní
;es habicas secas
ni en tiempo de trufandá
.no se topa frescas
Mos vamos al bakal
mos mira en la cara
.mos dice que sta cara
Creieme un poco
que vo a salir loco
,Guay de mí  de sobre mí
.dicían las mujeres
Haceme este placer
,si ayudarme queres
,si humano eres
quitame esta caja
opuestare puja
que es un ajugarico
.cortados en pico