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Yo me alvantí un lunes - La adúltera

 The Adulteress

A romansa on the subject of the adulteress. The song opens with the words of the lover who is courting her: earlier, on Monday morning (which is a special day in Romance texts) the lover went to sing a serenade to his beloved and asked her whether she was single or married…

In the full text, which Attias brings in "Romancero" (pg. 154-155), after the husband leaves, the lover enters, but with the return of the husband, the lover must hide behind a box of pepper. The lover’s sneezes reveal him, even though the woman claims that it is a cat hiding there.

This text is very characteristic of the repertoire of Thessalonian Jewry. The subject is known in various iterations among the Jews of Morocco, as well as in a more similar version in parts of Spain. Armistand doesn’t remark on any ancient Spanish roots for this romansa.

The song has three musical phrases. The third musical hemistich repeats the second one.

Song Lyrics

Yo me alevantí un lunes y un lunes por la mañana.
y ande me huera a cantar a puertas de mi namorada.
que le demando y le pregunto: ¿o eras moza o eras casada?
que moza era el caballero, la su ventura fue allegada.