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The National Library is accessible to all its users, including disabled users.

Visiting the Library
•  For those coming by car: Any vehicle with a handicap sticker is allowed to enter the campus without the need for additional permits.
•  The Library parking lot has a number of handicapped spaces, marked and reserved, and there is a ramp that leads from the parking lot to the lower entrance of the library.
•  Ring the bell at the entrance and a security guard will come and open the door so as to assure comfortable access.
Inside the Library Building
•  All of the Library's service areas are wheelchair accessible.
•  The elevator is also wheelchair accessible.
•  All the Reading Rooms are wheelchair accessible as well.
•  The loan and reference desks are situated in convenient locations and are at a height that is appropriate for people with special needs.
•  The staff is happy to help users with any request.
Seeing Impaired
•  The Library is also equipped to serve the vision impaired.  A special, fitted computer station is available.
•  Service dogs are allowed to enter the Library.

•  Two programs for the aid of the blind and the visually impaired, JAWS Screen Reader and ZoomText, have been installed on the following library computers:


Judaica and Israel Reading Room (Floor 1) - Computer no. 7
General Reading Room (Floor 1) - Computer no. 2
Reference Desk (Lobby) - Computer no. 5


Priority use of those computers will be given to visually impaired people.

Hearing Impaired
•  Library Tours are also open to everyone. Headphones are available for the hearing impaired.
Communicating with the Library
•  Readers can search for books, order items and extend loans from the comfort of their own home.
•  All of these actions can be done via the "Merhav" system- the search system for the Library's databases. The system allows you to search for items, to order them from home and to be updated via email.
•  It is also possible to extend loans via the "Merhav" system.
•  For the reading impaired, an automated telephone service is available during library hours at the reference desk or at the loans desk.
•  Additionally, the Library provides services via email.
•  The Library also provides a live chat-with-a-librarian service- active from 10:00-19:30.