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Copyright and Terms of Use Verification Services for items within the Collections of the National Library of Israel


​The National Library of Israel does not hold the copyright of the works within its collections. Some of the items in the National Library collections are protected under copyright law, and certain collections and items have been donated to the Library subject to specific contracts regarding terms of use. The Library enables its users to use the items in the Library for purposes such as reproduction for personal or commercial use, publication,  creating new works, etc., pursuant to their copyright status and the contracts which apply to them.

​Permission to Use Works

1. Permission to use works that are under copyright or limited by contract:

The user must contact the copyright holder or the owner of the item and request permission for use. There is no need to request permission from the Library.


2. Permission to use works which are not under copyright  and not limited by contract:

Any use is permitted. The Library does not condition  use  upon payment or other requirements.

​Information on Copyright Status and Terms of Use

In order to make its collections more accessible to the public, the Library provides information regarding status of copyright and terms of use of the items in its collections. The terms of use of many items can be found in the Library catalog. Once you have found the item in the catalog, simply click on "Possible uses" at the bottom of the page to see what uses are permitted and what is the necessary credit.

There is no need to obtain permission from the Library, simply act in accordance with the above directives.

If there is no link to the terms of use at the bottom of the page, or if you wish to use the item in a manner which exceeds the terms cited u​nder "Possible uses", you may send a form inquiring about the status of copyright. A separate form must be sent for each item, and all fields in the form must be filled out.​​


Inquiry Forms for Copyright and Terms of Use Verification, by item type:

1. Manuscript
2. Archival document
3. Print or electronic newspaper or periodical
4. Print or electronic book
5. Miscellaneous, e.g. map, poster, ketubbah, picture, photograph, sound recording, musical score, film et al.

The National Library of Israel makes every effort to ascertain the copyright status and terms of use of items in its collections, and supplies such information in accordance with the data in its possession.

It is important to note that information supplied by the Library regarding the copyright status and terms of use of an item does not in any way constitute legal advice, and use of the items is the sole responsibility of the user. The user shall not be entitled to make any claims whatsoever against the Library and/or its employees and/or representatives for any damage caused to the user in reliance upon such information.