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About the Competition

The first round of a two-round public competition to select an architect to design a new home for the National Library of Israel is now open.
The first round of the competition is open to architects licensed in Israel. At the end of this anonymous round, up to four architects will be selected to advance to the second round. Eight additional architects, four from Israel and four from abroad, were invited to participate directly in the second round. All participants in the second round, which is anonymous as well, will receive funding to help defray the cost of preparing plans and models.
Architects invited directly to Round II
International Architects:
•   Shigeru Ban, Shigeru Ban Architects (Japan)
•   Ken Yeang, Llewelyn, Davies & Yeang (UK)
•   David Chipperfield, David Chipperfield Architects (UK)
•   Moshe Safdie, Safdie Architects (USA)
Israeli Architects:
•   Bracha and Michael Chyutin, Chyutin Architects (Israel)
•   Ada Karmi-Melamede, Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects (Israel)
•   Ganit Mayslits Kassif and Ehud Kassif, Mayslits Kassif Architects (Israel)
•   Carlos Prus, Carlos Prus Architects (Israel)
The competition, being held with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality and assistance from the Israel Association of United Architects, is expected to continue for about seven months. The goal is to dedicate the new Library within five years, allowing for two years of design following selection of an architect – contingent upon timely approval of the town planning scheme. The building will be one of the most important public projects constructed in Israel during the coming decade, and its design constitutes a unique architectural challenge.
The National Library building will be located on a prime site in Jerusalem's National Precinct (Kiryat Hale'um), adjacent to the Parliament (Knesset), The Israel Museum, and The Hebrew University. It will be financed by the Israeli Government and Yad Hanadiv – the Rothschild Foundation in Israel, which previously provided support for the Knesset and the Supreme Court buildings. The project, which will adhere to 'green' design principles, will be executed by the National Library Construction Company, Inc. (to be referred to hereafter as 'The Company'), a not-for-profit Charitable Corporation (halatz) established for this purpose by Yad Hanadiv.
Proposals will be reviewed by an international jury, which will be entitled to select up to three candidates from Round II to present their proposals and models and their vision for the project. The Jury will choose one of these three finalists as the winner of the competition. Its recommendation will be subject to the approval of the National Library's Board of Directors and the National Library Construction Company. The winner will be announced once a contract has been concluded.
The proposals and models submitted will be exhibited to the public following the competition.
This announcement and website are intended to provide general information about the competition and its individual rounds. Only the instructions in the competition kit are binding. The National Library Construction Company reserves the right to change any of the competition's terms and conditions.