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RAMBI – The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies

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Notification of articles added to RAMBI is available
both as an RSS feed and as HTML pages: 
Art, Folklore, Music, Theater, Film​ RSS HTML
Bibliographies, Biographies RSS HTML
Books, Manuscripts​ RSS HTML​
Christianity, Islam RSS​ HTML
Eretz Israel (incl. Archaeology) RSS HTML
History - Ancient and Medieval Period RSS HTML
History - Modern Period and Contemporary​ RSS​ HTML
Holocaust RSS HTML​
Languages​ RSS​ HTML​
Literature RSS HTML
Liturgy and Prayer, Sabbath and Festivals RSS HTML
Medicine and Sciences RSS​ HTML​
Philosophy, Kabbalah , Hasidism RSS HTML​
Post-Biblical Literature RSS HTML​
Rabbinic Literature, Halakhah RSS HTML​
State of Israel RSS HTML​
All these lists have links to the full catalog records and are updated daily.
The RSS feed has the advantage of automatic subscription (via your browser or special RSS reader), sorting by author, title, or cataloging date and displaying only records added since your last read. Its disadvantage is that the RSS standard format is quite limited, and the appearance of the list varies depending on your browser or reader. The HTML page has better formatting but requires you to deliberately access it.
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