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David Blumberg’s Remarks for Sept 2013 newsletter

​The renewal of NLI, and assuming its place in Israeli culture and society, is an endeavor that makes daily strides. The renewal process is profound and far-reaching, as we make tangible progress toward establishing ourselves as a hub of national heritage and culture. 

Looking at NLI's activities in the last few months, I can attest to the fact that concepts are taking form on every front: in the formalization of the Library’s comprehensive Collection Policy; integration of technological advances; enhancement of services furnished to our readers and users; increased awareness of NLI among the public at large; and significant progress in the planning of our new building.  What characterizes all of this is the concretization of our vision and plan into effective work processes and results.

In this regard, I attach great importance to the assistance we are fortunate to receive from the friends of NLI in Israel and abroad. Most significantly, we have recently witnessed the readiness of people we turn to who are not visibly involved in the preservation of Jewish heritage to join in promoting the renewal of NLI.   Their participation serves as a sign that the national memory is also of value for those not actively connected to this sphere.  Few things serve as a stronger affirmation of our work.  

We are deeply appreciative of the special partners joining with us to realize the vision of the National Library as a cultural and intellectual center that draws together the Israeli public and Jewish communities throughout the world.