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David Grossman Entrusts Personal Archive to National Library

A preeminent Israeli writer of his generation, David Grossman's work has been translated into more than 30 languages and adapted for film, theater and song. An outspoken social and political activist, Grossman is a regular contributor to major Israeli and international publications, as well as a sought after public speaker focusing on issues related to contemporary Israeli society, culture and politics. He has now entrusted his personal archive to the National Library of Israel, where it will soon be made available to the public.
The David Grossman Archive will provide unparalleled insights into the life and career of the celebrated novelist including drafts of all of Grossman's works to date, as well as comprehensive research materials gathered by the author as part of the writing process. The archive also includes press clippings dating back to the beginning of his career, literary critiques, prizes, honors and more, with materials in a variety of formats including manuscripts, printed materials and digital content. Still a highly active creative force, Grossman will continue submitting materials to be deposited in his archive at NLI which will serve students, educators, researchers, writers and the general public for generations to come.

Regarding the transfer of his archive to the National Library, Grossman said, "The sharp transition undertaken by thousands of my papers and drafts – from dusty supermarket boxes in storage at my home to the shelves of the National Library of Israel, and mainly, their upgrade to the status of "archive" – these are the things that will take me a lot of time to get used to. Nonetheless, I am already excited by the fact that the things I have written will be alongside the writings of philosophers, writers and artists such as Maimonides, Franz Kafka, Martin Buber, Haim Gouri, A.B. Yehoshua and Naomi Shemer."


David Grossman and David Blumberg 

NLI Chairman David Blumberg stated that it is a privilege to receive the personal archive of David Grossman, one of Israel's greatest living authors. According to Blumberg, "The National Library of Israel has invested tremendous resources in recent years to secure, digitize and preserve archives and collections from leading cultural figures," adding that the inclusion of the Grossman Archive into the NLI collections will further encourage the advancement of literary scholarship and creativity in Israel and across the globe.