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Yaron Deutscher

Yaron Deutscher Appointed as Head of new Digital Access Division


A central element of the National Library's renewal process, a process that will place the National Library at the forefront of the world's great libraries, entails providing diverse and wide-ranging audiences from across the globe with attractive and user-friendly digital access to its treasures while consistently making enhanced content and applications available to the public. ​

In order to realize this goal, the National Library is establishing the new Digital Access Division, and is pleased to announce the appointment of Yaron Deutscher as head of this division. Mr. Deutscher has been selected from among a highly qualified and competitive applicant pool for the challenging and exciting position of building a comprehensive digital library and creating a significant digital presence using advanced technologies. Mr. Deutscher will oversee the establishment of the division responsible for promoting and ensuring the accessibility of the Library's digital content, as well as adapting it to the needs of the Library's diverse user base. The work of the Digital Access Division includes the creation of both anticipated and unanticipated uses of library collections to be made possible through innovative tools developed by the range of individuals and organizations seeking to benefit from open access to the collection content.


Yaron Deutscher 


Mr. Deutscher has extensive experience in the field of digital content including project management, leading content teams, and defining and creating digital platforms. One of the founders of the Internet news desk at Israel's Channel 2, Mr. Deutscher also previously served as the deputy editor and manager of MSN Israel. In his most recent role, Mr. Deutscher was responsible for establishing and managing the IDF Intelligence Division's central content portal. Mr. Deutscher's proven professional record in overseeing and managing the use of technological solutions for content management and delivery make him an exceptional asset to the National Library and an ideal choice to build and lead the new Digital Access Division.