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Jerusalem's International Book Fair Visits the National Library

As part of the Jerusalem International Book Fair held this month, a select group of young editors and literary agents from around the world visited the National Library. The group was comprised of individuals identified by the fair's organizers as the future leaders and trend-setters in the global book market. Their visit to the Library included a fruitful meeting with the writers of the innovative "Pardes" writer-in-residence program, now in its second year.

"Pardes" is an initiative of the National Library designed to help up-and-coming Israeli writers develop professionally and artistically, serving as a sort of literary incubator for promising young literary figures. Each year, four writers from among a competitive candidate pool are chosen to participate in the program. Participants receive a fellowship stipend, and are provided workspace and services offered by the Library environment. The Library provides a rich program of introduction to the collection resources, literary enrichment and workshops on the writing process.

The visit to the Library not only provided the international group of young editors and literary agents the opportunity to learn about the "Pardes" program, it also exposed them to the "Pardes" writers' literary works, as all of the current and past participants were given several minutes to introduce themselves, their work and their future writing plans. The guests received details about each of the authors and their books, as well as a brief overview of contemporary Israeli literature with an explanation of each writer's place in the local literary landscape. Following the visit, many of the editors and agents expressed interest in the "Pardes" participants' works, requesting additional materials, writing samples and literary criticisms. The encounter afforded the distinguished guests and the "Pardes" participants with a fruitful opportunity to become acquainted with one another, and contributed to the National Library of Israel's growing presence in the international cultural sphere.