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Archivist Dr. Stefan Litt awarded Frankfurt's Arnsberg Prize

The prestigious Rosl and Paul Arnsberg Prize was awarded to the  National Library of Israel's archival expert Dr. Stefan Litt  in recognition of his recently published work, Jewish Community Statutes from the Ashkenazic Cultural Space, 1650-1850, in which he delves into the world of local Jewish communal life across Central and Eastern Europe during that period. The Arnsberg Prize, named after a notable Jewish couple from Frankfurt who came to Israel during the Holocaust and then returned to the city after the war, is awarded once every two years to individuals recognized as having made significant contributions in the field of research related to Jewish life in Frankfurt.
​Litt, a Berlin native who has made Israel his home since 1995, graciously accepted the prize, recalling that, "It was quite gratifying to receive the award. It's always nice to receive such an honor, and even more so when the organization giving the award understands the importance of providing recognition for research performed in such a specialized field of academic study." Litt, who has lectured extensively in universities across Israel and Europe, has published numerous works on the history of early modern European Jewry and its roots, with particular emphasis on Germany and the Netherlands.
Although his award-winning research covered communities across a vast geographical area and a full two centuries of history, Litt received the award based on the chapter of his book dealing specifically with the Jewish community of Frankfurt. The primary materials he used for this research came from the foreign language holdings of the National Library's Archives Department, where Litt has worked since 2010. The Library's vast archival collections chronicle millennia of Jewish life throughout Israel and the Diaspora and are accessed by thousands of people both online and at the National Library every year.